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Building budget home entertrainment network and more I

It started as a very simple idea: have internet access available in all rooms of the apartment. As simple as that. OK, I wanted to have both wired and wireless internet access (just in case – having wires instead of thin air carrying over data  seems still more convincing for me).

Seriously, although it’s very easy to set up wireless network access, it still has some limitations like low(er) speed and (higher) latency. Of course, nowadays you can get wi-fi routers with more bandwidth than 54 mbit/s but I want to stay within my (low) budget and since I got my DSL modem for free from my ISP and it has built-in wi-fi , it makes no sense to buy a whole new device just to get more wi-fi speed. So I had to settle with what I got for free…On the other hand, the DSL modem I got is quite a nice gadget with a rich functionality – a Fritz!box 7240 produced by a German company called AVM. Among others it also act as a DECT phone base station, supports dynamic DNS and allows some fancy phone features including using your cheap VOIP account with your regular phone handset without having your computer running.

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